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iMagic Inventory Software

Software for managing inventory (stock) in a business

With inventory control software, you will know exactly what you have on-hand and if there is a need to order for more. iMagic is efficient and proven inventory management software that will incredibly increase your cash flow and keep you straight ahead of competition.

Complete management: iMagic Inventory management software helps you to securely and efficiently manage your inventory and keep a more accurate record of your stock. This means you’ll be a lot more effective in turning orders around and will have a much simpler invoicing procedure. The faster you fill order and get those invoices mailed out, the faster you get paid!

Accurate tracking: do you need to track items by serial numbers? iMagic is what you need. With the Item Tracking feature turned on iMagic Inventory Software you will automatically track the movements of individual items around your system. iMagic inventory software accurately tracks your stock and helps get those invoices out and back quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Reordering: Tired of tracking when to order in new stock items? Or even worse turning customers away due to insufficient stock being available? Then use iMagic Inventory’s automated reordering system. The automatic system allows you to set the stock level you want to reorder at. iMagic Inventory Software will then take care of the rest, generating Vendor Reorders as the stock levels start to get low.

iMagic possesses these features amidst other enticing and inventory accounting ease prone features. So is your company still struggling with managing inventory and keeping an accurate record of what products are in stock? Has it become so hard to keep track of everything or are there times you don’t even know what you have and what you need? Do you dread the days that inventory has to be counted and recorded? You need a system in place that makes managing inventory efficient and stress free? Get iMagic today.

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Software Author: iMagic
Software license: Shareware
Software Fee: 299
Software Version: 5.35
Supporting Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8/10/2000/2003/Vista/Server/Other
Last Updated:
iMagic Inventory Software

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