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CrossUI Builder Linux64

Explore the benefits of the no code app builder
You no longer need to hire an app developer to create an application for you. Create a fully interactive and responsive HTML5 application without writing a single line of code with CrossUI Front-end Builder. It’s much faster, easier and more fun to do app development without coding. Just choose the necessary template, modify all the elements you need and launch. Whether you need to create an interactive prototype, database management app or build a management information system, you can do it with the Cross UI app builder within several days.
What you can do with CrossUI no code app builder
If you hired a developer, you would have spent as much time explaining the concept as it took you to do it yourself with CrossUI. With CrossUI, every person who is familiar with business logic can build an application. Just make sure that your data can be stored in a database, entered with a form and displayed in common charts, tables, or rows. Our builder has an easy-to-navigate menu and a set of features that will allow you to design and build your HTML5 application within a few days. Just create what you imagine. Here are the things you can do with the CrossUI builder:
– Use built-in templates relevant to the type of application you want to build.
– Drag and drop the objects to the desired location.
– Use and edit 100+ UI widgets. Among them are buttons, inputs, lists, tabs, shapes, diagrams, charts and other.
– Create customized reusable modules.
– Bring in interaction by using events actions that can be easily configured.
– Call Remote Service EndPoint. No coding is required.
– Publish your app where you want, on any desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac PC/Mobile), or any website.
– Embed the WYSIWYG designer, our designer product, into the application you already have. The exported APIs and Events offer customization flexibility to developers.

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Software Author: CrossUI Builder
Software license: Shareware
Software Fee: 999
Software Version: 2.16
Supporting Operating Systems: Linux, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source
Last Updated:
CrossUI Builder Linux64
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